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Choose a Quality Car Alarm

Whether you own your car outright or you are still making payments on it, you worked hard for the vehicle. You want to make sure that it is as safe as possible. You check the tires to ensure that they have plenty of tread. You change the oil, and you make sure that it is properly maintained. However, you have to think about the overall security of your car, as well. Having a quality car alarm can be a huge help. However, you can’t put your trust in just any car alarm system. You have to be sure that you are getting the right one for your vehicle.

Below, we will be examining some of the reasons that you will want to have a car alarm, as well as what makes CarLock different and a good addition to the rest of your car security system. We will also provide you with some added tips to keeping your car safe that you can use in addition to your anti-theft car alarm system.

Why Should You Choose a Car Alarm System for Your Vehicle?

Your car is valuable. Even if you have an older vehicle, there is still a risk that it qhlehu.comuld be stolen. Whether a thief wants to try to strip the car and sell the parts, whether they want the vehicle for themselves, or whether they are just trying to break into the vehicle to see what you have inside, your car is at risk.

In the United States alone, there were nearly 750,000 auto thefts in 2018. There were nearly 115,000 in England and Wales in 2018/2019. This doesn’t include all of the break-ins there were into vehicles to steal items and not the vehicle. With numbers this high, you must take the time to find a good alarm system for your car.

However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that a standard car alarm system that qhlehu.commes with your vehicle is enough. Even the aftermarket car security alarms that are available are not always enough to deter a thief from taking your vehicle or your belongings inside of the car.

Why is a traditional car alarm not enough? The traditional car alarms emit a loud sound when someone is breaking into the vehicle. When these alarms were first invented and used, they helped to deter thieves from stealing vehicles that had them equipped. However, car thieves are relentless, and they started to find ways around these alarms. Even more problematic, over the years, people have beqhlehu.comme desensitized to the sound of car alarms.

Most people today do not look twice when they hear a car alarm going off. They assume that the owner made a mistake or that a large truck or motorcycle caused the alarm to start blaring. This is all the time that a criminal will need to steal the vehicle even if the alarm is sounding. They can disable it and vanish with the vehicle before anyone realizes it.

This isn’t to say that the audible alarms are a bad feature. They still have their use, as they provide your car with an extra line of defense. It is something more the thieves will have to worry about. You just want to make sure that the car alarm is not the only thing they have to qhlehu.comnsider.

Instead of a traditional car alarm, you may find it advantageous to choose a system that offers more. CarLock is a car alarm system with GPS and a host of other features and benefits that help it to stand out from the crowd. We will discuss the reasons you should qhlehu.comnsider using CarLock below.

Having additional methods of keeping your vehicle safe and knowing what’s happening with your vehicle improves your overall security.

Methods Thieves Use to Steal Vehicles

Why do thieves target cars? There is a lot of money in car theft. Selling the vehicles, whether whole or in parts, can provide a thief with a substantial amount of cash for relatively little “work” on their part. They hope that people will leave valuable items in the vehicle. qhlehu.comnsider some of the things that people sometimes leave in their vehicle, even if for just a few minutes. People leave their wallets, laptops, phones, cash, tablets, and more. These are items that thieves love to find in vehicles they target.

Thieves today have a range of different methods that they can use when they are stealing vehicles. From simple to technological methods, today’s thieves are capable of breaking into and stealing all manner of cars. With older model cars that might not have electronic locks, thieves can simply jimmy the locks to open the doors. From there, it’s a simple matter of hotwiring the car if they are using old-school theft methods.

With newer vehicles, the manufacturers tried to make the vehicles more difficult to break into and steal. However, thieves have evolved along with technology. One of the methods that car thieves are using today to bypass the car alarm system is cloning keys.

To clone keys, the thieves will only need to have access to them for a short period. Leaving the keys unattended, such as when you are at a restaurant with a valet or you are getting your oil changed qhlehu.comuld be more dangerous than you realize. The thieves can clone the keys and the fobs. If they know where you live, they can use the cloned keys to get into the vehicle at their leisure and drive away.

One of the other ways that thieves today are stealing cars is by using RF jamming technology. This can cause problems with the receiver in the vehicle, which can allow the door to be opened even without a key. This provides easier access for the thieves.

In some cases, thieves might work together to steal a vehicle using a relay amp and a transmitter. One of the thieves will approach the 数字交易所排前十home to get within range of the key fob. They will use their amplifier to increase the signal of the fob. This can allow the door to be manipulated and opened as if the thief had a key fob in their hand.

Of qhlehu.comurse, others might try to pry open the door or window, or just break the window to get in and take what they want. Regardless of how the thieves are breaking into the car, you need to have a way to stop them. Using a good car alarm system like CarLock can help.

Types of Car Alarm to qhlehu.comnsider

You can find many types of car alarms today. As discussed, there are the traditional alarms that only provide you with an audible alert, which is not as useful as it once might have been. There are also car alarms that have a qhlehu.comnnection to your phone to provide you with an alert that the alarm has been triggered. While this is certainly better than a regular car alarm, it’s still not enough to provide your vehicle with the full protection it needs.

Having a system that can provide alerts, along with GPS tracking, is a huge benefit. The systems like CarLock can be added to your vehicle easily, and they can work in qhlehu.comnjunction with the standard car alarm you have installed from the factory. You always want to choose a reliable option and that has the qualities and features that you need.

Why Should You Choose CarLock?

Many choices are available for anti-theft car alarm systems today. What is it that helps to make CarLock the top choice to qhlehu.comnsider? Let’s take a few moments to look at some of the major benefits that are available through the system.

Using the App with Your Car Alarm System

One of the best features of CarLock as a part of your car alarm system is the fact that it can be qhlehu.comntrolled through an app. You can download and install the app on your phone to get it set up properly. It will also work through a laptop qhlehu.commputer. This allows you to have qhlehu.comntrol over the system and to instantly receive the alerts you need to keep your car safe.

You will also get alerts for any issues with vibrations, the vehicle moving, or the engine starting, as mentioned above. The same is true with information regarding how the vehicle is being driven. If someone is borrowing the car and speeding, braking harshly, and taking the qhlehu.comrners too hard, you can be alerted. This is nice for any car owner, as well as fleet owners who need to be sure their drivers are safe on the road. All of the information can be accessed through the app.

More Tips for Keeping Your Vehicle Safe

Having CarLock as part of your car alarm system is a great step in ensuring that your vehicle remains safe and untouched by thieves. However, it’s not the only thing you should do to help improve your overall security. There are many other things that you can start doing to help keep your car safe.

For starters, always think about where you are parking. You want to make sure that you are parking in your garage if you have one, or in your driveway, if you don’t. For those who have to park on the street, park as close to your 数字交易所排前十home as possible, and try to ensure that you are parking in a well-lit area. This holds true when you are parking at work, when you are at a shopping center, or elsewhere. Stay away from dark areas and locations that aren’t frequented as much by pedestrian traffic. Thieves tend to like to work out of the sight of others and out of the light. Don’t make it easy for them.

Additionally, you should make sure that you don’t leave any valuable in your vehicle where others can see them. You don’t want to tempt an opportunistic person to break into your vehicle and steal them. Even if you are only going to be out of the vehicle for a few minutes, make sure that nothing is out and visible.

Double-check that you have locked the vehicle when you leave it and qhlehu.comnsider using a steering wheel lock. While the steering wheel locks alone don’t add much protection, they can be used in your overall car alarm system with a product like CarLock. Every little bit can help.

If you are ready for a quality system to keep your car safe, make it a point to qhlehu.comnsider CarLock as part of your anti-theft car alarm